Fotopublishing für Sportveranstaltungen

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Ermöglicht Teilnehmern von Veranstaltungen oder Wettbewerben, ihre Bilder zu finden
Create event account and personalize profile

Upload pictures and pass them to machine-vision picture analysis

Share the event profile link with participants

Visitors search for names, tags, teams, brands, etc.

Für wen ist das?

Sport event organizers
Any event organizer can collect and publish pictures, as well as invite participants to upload their pictures from the venue.
Freelance photographers
Join sport events, ask organizers, take photos and sell them via event profiles.
Marketing activities
Involve your participants or colleagues, organize contests and promote sharing of photos or videos from events.


Publish the uploaded folders to your public profile and pass them to AI content analysis
Profile page can be personalized, changing a description, logo and a background picture.
Your profile visitors can also send files and photos directly to you
Each folder or file has view, download and vote statistics


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Partners and tech

"Dieses Projekt wird vom Block.IS (Blockchain Innovation Spaces) Horizont 2020 Forschungs- und Innovationsprogramm Projekt Nr. 824509 im Rahmen der Finanzierung durch die Europäische Kommission finanziert."